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About Shrey Wealth

Shrey wealth was established in 2013 by Hardik Joshi. We observed that people sold products rather than solutions. People were selling products in the name of: "Financial Planning”, "Wealth management” & so on. Clients were more bothered about returns than goal achievement.

We believe that this industry is not all about selling it is about Sharing. We have decided to share the right financial knowledge with our clients. We took a hard path to promote financial literacy, goal planning, product suggestion based on need, creating fellow team members who are not a salesman but professional wealth managers.

Disciplined Process

Shrey Wealth is committed to helping you achieve your lifestyle and financial goals
through a planning-based approach, customized solutions and implementation.

  • Step 1: Creating a Profile

    Create a detailed profile of your financial position.

  • Step 2: Clarifying Goals & Objectives

    Identify and help you articulate your unique financial concerns, goals, and objectives.

  • Step 3: Analysis

    Analyze your financial position including running long-term wealth accumulation and income projections.

  • Step 4: Financial Plan

    Create a customized, written plan, or "Road Map", to guide you in achieving your objectives.

  • Step 5: Independent Implementation

    Recommend the financial solutions and services that are right for you.

  • Step 6: Monitoring & Reporting

    Provide annual for more frequent financial reviews and regular consolidated reports on your financial holdings.